This page will show some sketches and paintings of the entities that I have come across during my years in the paranormal field. I have noticed that the longer I am open to them, the clearer they have become. You can read the full stories of these entities in my books.
This is the first spirit that I had seen after opening up to communication with the other side. Being the first, this one really got to wellas the family that she was there for.
Please let me state that before I ever present a sketch to the client, I get validation in some form that what I had seen has some meaning and coincides with who and what is going on at the time. I will often do this by pulling aside one or two investigators and describing what I have seen. Later, after some validation, I will reveal it.
This is the second spirit that I had seen after opening up to communication with the other side. She was in the basement of a more popular location in Ohio. She was not alone.
This is the woman who was in the location with the girl pictured before. I believe that among all the spirits in the location, she was the one in charge.
This is the woman who I saw at a location in Michigan. Along with a female voice on an E.V.P. it was the first time that I have ever been scratched. You can see three scratches going through the top of my tattoo.
I still, to this day, do not know what this is. I call it The White Entity. It has been with me for some time now. I do however, believe that it has been with me much longer than I thought, as I had drawn similar beings prior running into this one. My daughter had to remind me of the first drawing.
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