The book idea is about my life of paranormal happenings including opening up as a medium, to the rise, fall and rise again of a paranormal team. Contains art work of the spirits encountered by the author. All cases cited have had the names and locations changed to be kept confidential. This is my first fully published work based of of my real life experiences. Non-ficion.
This is a guide into paranormal investigations. This book shares the authors knowledge and theories that we have learned throughout the combined years in the paranormal field. For those who are just entering the field and for those who have been in it for years and may like some new points of views. This book is a combined efforts of several investigators, so that to give you a variety of what you may need to know when dealing in the paranormal realm. Non-fiction. Authors: Brian and Darlene Danhausen and Mike and Stephanie Hartman.
Prepare to get locked away within the most notorious jails and prisons rumored to be haunted as investigated by E.R Vernor, ‘Corvis Nocturnum,’ the author of the bell seller Haunted Asylums. Join the occult researcher as he seeks to expose the truth from the fiction in the shadowy halls of justice. The real incidents and twisted history of our penal system may horrify you more than the tales of apparitions, as you look beyond the bars. I contributed my story on The Ohio State Reformatory in the book, including pictures from the location. Non-fiction.
This book is a collection of short stories based of off the Christmas demon, The Krampus. I have written and contributed a short story for this book. These stories are fiction.
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Haunted Prisons
Into The AfterLife: Paranormal World
Into The AfterLife: A Guide Into Paranormal Investigating
Krampus: The Unholly King
This book  is a collection of short stories from many great authors. The books will be hosted by a supernatural being known as The Collector, who has been collecting these stories for centuries and are now bringing his strange and macabre collection of tales to you. The first being a collection of strange and weird tales.  These books will  also include artwork for the stories.
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