Welcome to the official site of author and artist, Brian Danhausen. I live in Michigan were I am married to my wife Darlene and the father of two children. I have been dealing with the paranormal for most of my life. I have also been an artist for all of my life as well. Owner of Darkwynds Mystic Visions (my art company), thus far I am the author of 2 books, Into The AfterLife : Paranormal World, Into The AfterLife: A guide Into Paranormal Investigating and have contributions in the book Haunted Prisons and a short story in the book, Krampus, The UnHolly King.  I have just released Strange Tales From The Unknown and I am currently working on the third book for the AfterLife series and a book about my teachings on my path in Witchcraft. I am also the Founder of the paranormal team...Into The AfterLife Paranormal, which I have been running with my wife for several years. I am also what you may call a medium. I have had several encounters with the dead that I have written about and sketched most of them in my books.
I am now, also the Host of a podcast called The Paranormal POP...where we mix the
paranormal and pop culture topics.

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